“Post Truth Era Blues employs Delta blues rhythms and sentiments with the addition of a drum machine and buzzing production in the background. It is contemporary in its influences, and its lyrical references are topical, delivering a potent message for our time”

(Zoë Elaine, The 405)

D Fine Us is a unique explorative music project, founded in Tel Aviv by producer & songwriter Tomer Katz. A marriage of dusty earthbound blues to warm modern electronic textures gives the project its signature hybrid sound.

Driven by a passion for exploring and understanding cultures, Katz travelled all the way to Mississippi in the heart of the delta to learn his craft from authentic local blues musicians.

Katz brings a 21st century perspective to the concepts and conflicts that have been sung about in blues music for decades: how to tell right from wrong, reality from illusion, relaxation from addiction and love from a broken heart. This musical creation draws lines and connects the dots between worlds.

Mixing raw live recordings with polished studio work, these songs were created in desolated barrooms, wide open fields, and friend’s living rooms. The end result is a one of a kind musical experience that redefines the words rhythm & blues.